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Ataşehir Chirurgisches Medizincenter - Surgery Medical Centre
Address: K.Bakkalköy Mah. Isiklar Cad. 32/A
34750 Atasehir-Istanbul
Telephone: (+90 216) 444 16 92
Telefax: (+90 216) 573 10 82
Email: bilgi[at]
Institution: Murat Akdoğan Bildungsstiftung (private)
Academic teaching clinic: No teaching clinic
Psychiatric clinic: No
Fully stationary cases: 40080
Partly stationary cases: none
Bild des Krankenhauses Ataşehir Chirurgisches Medizincenter - Surgery Medical Centre

About Ethica Health Group:

Ethica is one of Turkey’s leading Health Groups in Istanbul. Ethica Health Group consists of Ethica Incirli Hospital, Ethica Levent Medical Aesthetic and Plastic Surgery Hospital, Ethica Bakırkoy Surgery Medical Centre, and Europe’s biggest plastic surgery centre, Estethica Atasehir Surgery Medical Centre.

Within the ‘estethica’concept created by Ethica Health Group, you can find;

Aesthetic and Plastic Surgery, General Surgery, Dermatology, Medical Aesthetic, Laser Treatments, Wellness Clinic (Detox- and Weight Loss-Gaining Programs etc.), Acupuncture ,Hair Transplantation, Oral Health Care and Aesthetic Dentistry, Physiothearphy- Rehabilitation, Gynecology, ENT, Permanent Make-up and Medical Hand and Feet care.

All profits of the Ethica Health Group are going to be donated within the frame of the social responsibility project of Murat AKDOĞAN Education Foundation in order to found a medical university that will enable young people who grew up under the Prime Ministry of Social Services and Child Protection Agency and leave the institution after they turn 18, to receive higher education and support them throughout their education.

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