It is our declared goal to help and support patients in their search for the right treatment facility. We make complicated bureaucratic search matters easier by providing you with the best assistance when looking for treatment abroad or within you country of stay. Giving you the optimal organizational support during the planning process and whilst receiving treatment is our mission. Your health is important to us – so we will make sure that you are treated well by helping you organizing your medical journey!

The basic concept: Almost everyone has the right to be supplied with the highest standard of healthcare, when needing medical treatment. In particular if one has to undergo medical treatment in a hospital or a different kind of a medical institution. Our online based portal ensures this in a simple way. We offer extensive information regarding health treatments at various medical departments, their technical equipment and patient service and care at the selected institution. By providing this information we help to create more transparency for the patient and to make the right decision when choosing a specific institution to undergo medical treatment.

C|R|S – CLINIC RESERVATION SERVICE: the optimal solution for patients, docktor, patient advisors and clinics.

Our service advantages

  • 24 hour online request serviceIntelligent search engine
  • Intelligent search engines
  • Important and profound information about hospitals and their treatment offers

CRS Clinic Reservation Service informs the patient about hospitals and their treatment facilities on our webpage, with the goal to help the patient to find the right medical facility. Our service does not substitute a doctor’s medical advice. However, it does offer needed information about the treatment facilities and possibilities where to undergo treatment.

Our webpage was created without external financial means. The service provided on this portal is advertisement free


Elzbieta Dietrich


Elzbieta Dietrich studied economics and business studies at the Leibniz University in Hanover, Germany. As an economist she undertook various roles in responsible leading positions at national and international companies as well as in hospitals, over many years. Since 2004 she works as an independent economic advisor, having adviced various hospitals, too. Through her working experience she not only has extensive medical contacts but also a strong understanding of medical institutions and the medical sector.

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